We build high-performance, modern and robust web applications.
Small teams, strong customer collaboration, continuous delivery. Experienced team leaders, who still code with their teams every day. Our Engineers are not just software developers: they design software, code, test and deliver working products.

what we do

design & development


From product design, to user experience, and finally to software design and development: we've got you covered.

Our team is speacialized in turning your idea into a solid product.
Our approach is based on collaborative design, where why guide you through a process to design a solution that really addresses your needs. We constantly test and tune, delivering continuous improvements.

software development consulting


Do you feel like you should innovate your business, but you don't know how?

Come talk to us. We're a young yet solid team, and innovation is our bread and butter

We help companies adopt leading edge web application development technologies and agile development workflows. We specialize in React and Scala.

how we do it

agility management

No company goes anywhere without proper management.

We strongly believe in agility, although we take distance from abstract labels. We're not "agile", we embrace agility.
We don't use "agile" tools, we use tools when they enhance our agility.
In a nutshell, working with us is as swift as it should be.

software design

Design is king, and technology is not an exception.
We provide custom tailored software architectures for the great idea you're trying to build, carefully selecting the right tool for the job.


If design is king, implementation is queen.
We provide top-class development power, to get you started in no time.

And when your team needs to grow larger, we got you covered: we carefully seek, select and train the right people to join our project together.

product & design

Let's face it: it's not all about software.

We will be your partners, not your IT department: if you have a set of requirements, prepare yourself to have them challenged.

We love being involved in all aspects of the product: come to us with an idea, and we'll build a product together.



Achieving quality is what keeps us going.

Quality is what makes a project successful for you, and engaging for us.
We never compromise on quality.


We strongly believe fairness, transparency and trust are the bases on which to run a company together.
We will work as partners, and prioritize the success of your project over our short term gains.
We trust that you will return the favor, and be our ambassador.


We grew in a great community, and we want to give back. All our libraries are open source, and we organize meetups and conferences to help people learn, grow and contribute.
Come find us at Milano Scala Group, Scala Italy and on GitHub.